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NJVOAD Documents

  • View official documents of NJVOAD, such as bylaws, membership application forms and more.

NJVOAD Bylaws – Adopted on 12/5/17.

NJVOAD Membership Application – If your organization has NJ statewide or multi-county capacity to respond to disasters, and a presence and investment in disaster preparedness response and/or recovery, you may be eligible to become a member of NJVOAD.

New Jersey Non-Profit Long Term Recovery Assessment – This assessment provides an overview of the impact of non-profit contributions after Hurricane Sandy, as well as lessons learned and recommendations for future disaster response and recovery.

NJVOAD 2016-2020 Strategic Plan – NJVOAD’s five-year strategic plan seeks to continue and build upon the momentum and collaboration created after Hurricane Sandy.

Strategic Plan Infographic – See a visual overview of the strategic plan’s highlights.

Personal Preparedness Resources

  • The first step in community preparedness starts with the individual.  View these personal preparedness resources and tools to better prepare the individuals in your community so that they are more resilient and better able to serve the community at large.

HelpNJNow.org – Personal Preparedness – This webpage highlights some of the basic disaster preparedness measures individuals should take, as well as where to go to find more information.

Moving Forward: Disaster Recovery Resource Kit – This comprehensive resource guide lists some key concepts to consider before beginning the recovery process.

Personal Preparedness Resource Sheet – This one page resource sheet gives concise and relevant tips and links to help individuals prepare for disasters.

Personal Disaster Preparedness Guide (PDPG) – The PDPG created by Operation HOPE will allow you to advise family members of your recovery process and to reassure them if you are not affected by an event in your city.

VOAD/COAD Resources

  • View resources on how to develop and strengthen community VOADs and COADs, including a VOAD/COAD Manual and over twenty supportive and supplemental documents and resources.

New Jersey VOAD/COAD Manual – This manual integrates relevant information from National VOAD materials, state VOADs and COADs from outside of NJ, and NJ state-specific resources to serve as a comprehensive resource for VOADs and COADs within the state as they work to stand up their organizations and maintain engagement.

Animals in Disasters – Resources for making emergency preparations and plans for pets.

Business Continuity Plans – Basic outline to create a business continuity plan, including list of roles and responsibilities and contact information.

Disaster Basics for Faith Communities – Highlights hazards and plans for preparing faith communities for disasters.

Donations Management – Outlines and defines the basic needs and considerations of donations management.

Federal Disaster Program Information – Overview of key governmental programs that may be available after a disaster.

FEMA Family Emergency Plan – Template to create a family emergency plan, including contact cards for each member of the household to carry.

FEMA Go-Kit Checklist – List of recommended items to include in a basic emergency supply kit.

FEMA Preparedness Brochure – Key information on how to prepare and plan for emergencies: Get a Kit; Make a Plan; Be Informed; Get Involved.

Missouri COAD Guidance Manual – Manual created to help community and governmental organizations establish local COADs.

Multi-Agency Resource Center (MARC) – Planning resource to help understand the roles and purpose of the MARC and the organizations involved in planning and executing one.

National VOAD Module 2 – National VOAD resource on the importance and role of a VOAD’s Board of Directors.

National VOAD: VOAD/COAD Quick Organizing Guide – National VOAD’s resource sheet for organizing a local or regional VOAD or COAD.

Neighborworks Disaster Preparedness Manual – The purpose of this handbook is to provide Community Development Organizations (CDOs) with basic information useful for developing organizational continuity of operations plans, proactively assisting their communities with preparedness, and pre-planning for recovery and disaster recovery.

NJVOAD VOAD/COAD Presentation – NJVOAD’s VOAD/COAD Introduction PowerPoint presentation.

NJVOAD Commonly Used Acronyms – Commonly used acronyms within the NJ VOAD/COAD Manual and the emergency services field as a whole.

Red Cross Preparedness Checklist – Preparedness tips to help individuals plan, prepare and stay informed.

Spontaneous Volunteer Annex – Recommendations for the management and utilization of spontaneous volunteers after an emergency or disaster.

The Role of the Faith Based Community in Disasters – Prezi presentation on the role of the faith-based community during disasters.

Why VOAD/COAD Presentation – An example PowerPoint presentation to show the benefits of forming a county or regional VOAD or COAD.

Long-Term Recovery Resources

  • Learn how to set-up a long-term recovery group (LTRG), committee or organization by exploring the provided guide and resources.

New Jersey Long-Term Recovery Guide – A state-specific, option-oriented manual drawing from experiences and lessons learned during Hurricanes Sandy and Irene.

CDC Risk Management Template – Template of a Risk Management Plan document for a project.

Construction Liability Release Form – Example of a waiver of liability and release for construction site access.

Contractor Fraud and RREM – Tips and information on handling contractor fraud, and the RREM program in light of fraud cases.

Emotional and Spiritual Care (ESC) Model – Low to no-cost model to provide ongoing ESC to community members during the long-term recovery phase.

Entry Release Form – Example of a Right of Entry agreement.

Multi-Agency Resource Center (MARC) Information

  • Learn how to set-up a multi-agency resource center (MARC) with these training guides, informational resources and templates.

MARC Guidelines – Suggested guidelines and considerations for executing a MARC.

Multi-Agency Resource Center (MARC) – Planning resource to help understand the roles and purpose of the MARC and the organizations involved in planning and executing one.

Crisis Cleanup FAQs – Introduction to Crisis Cleanup, with links to instructional videos and demos as well as instructions on how to activate Crisis Cleanup after a disaster.

Crisis Cleanup Release –  Release form to have personal information included in Crisis Cleanup and shared with participating nonprofit organizations.

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MARC Flyer – Example of an informational flyer for a local MARC.

MARC Partner Agreement – Partner agency and individual agreement form for a unified code of ethics and conduct.

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Moving Forward: Disaster Recovery Resource Kit – This comprehensive resource guide lists some key concepts to consider before beginning the recovery process.

NJVOAD Screening Form – General information form that can be used by multiple organizations and agencies as a screening tool for residents seeking help at a MARC.

Partner Questionnaire – Form for participating organizations of the MARC to complete to provide contact information and provided services.

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Personal Information Release Form – General release form of personal information to organizations assisting with response and recovery.

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